Work in Progress Gallery


This page is your opportunity to view the creative process from initial sketch to conclusion , and is also a chance for me to showcase work that is yet to be finished.


One of the great joys of attending shows and exhibitions is to be able to meet members of the public and demonstrate my painting. It always generates lots of possitive comments and gives the chance for people to return later in the day to view my progress.


With this page I am looking to recapture some of the feel of the demonstrations I carry out. The page will give you the chance to see the creative process from sketch to final picture.You can send comments and review the painting over several visits. You may even wish to register an interest in purchasing the finished article.


It’s worth noting that, although I always scan my pictures as a personal record, if you express and interest in purchasing the prior to the finishing of the picture, no prints will be taken and thus the work will remain unique to you .