Painting and Bike togetherAt the recent Carole Nash International Classic Bike Show,Neil

was pleased to see the Velocette Thruxton ridden to victory by

Neil Kelly in the 1967 production TT was on display .


Neil took the opportunity to photograph the bike with his original

oil painting “ Hall Green Swan Song” , which features Nelly Kelly

and this very bike .A copy of Neils painting was published in the

April edition of the Classic Bike Guide.


 Neil Presents Colin With a Donation for his Chartiable Trust


Neil was very glad to have the opportunity to personally donate his recently completed picture "Seeley Drift" to Colin Seeley to help support his charitable trust 



New Exhibition at the Loft Theatre Leamington



Neil is pleased to announce that he and fellow artist and good friend Cathy Renken currently have a joint exhibition of thirty works in Leamington Spas Loft Theatre.

The exhibition is an unusual mix of Coastal landscapes, Flower studies and Motorsport, so hopefully something for everyone. The works can be viewed when the theatre is open for performances. The first opportunity being the production of San O’Casey’s Juno and the Paycock from the 10th to the 20th of February. Details of other productions can be found at


Success at the Consortium Exhibition


Neil is thrilled to have two of his pictures accepted for the biannual Coventry Consortium of Arts Society exhibition at the Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry. The competition was stiff with 200 paintings and sculptures vying for 80 exhibiting spaces.

There is a formal opening on the 16th October and then the exhibition will be open to the public until the 31st,so if you’re in Coventry and have a few moments to spare please pop in and have a look.


Introducing the new Work in Progress page



One of the great joys of attending shows and exhibitions is to be able to meet members of the public and demonstrate my painting. It always generates lots of possitive comments and gives the chance for people to return later in the day to view my progress.


With the new “Work in Progress“ page I am looking to recapture some of the feel of the demonstrations I carry out. The page will give you the chance to see the creative process from sketch to final picture.You can send comments and review the painting over several visits. You may even wish to register an interest in purchasing the finished article.


It’s worth noting that, although I always scan my pictures as a personal record, if you express and interest in purchasing the prior to the finishing of the picture, no prints will be taken and thus the work will remain unique to you .




Neil Presents Original Brough Picture to Alan

Neil is very pleased to have the opportunity to present Alan Cathcart, motorcycle journalist and classic bike guru, with the original painting of him breaking speed records aboard a Brough Superior in Bonneville Utah.

Neil and his family feel indebted to Alan and the other founders of the Classic Motor Cycle Racing Club, having enjoyed many years of fun and companionship as a result of the club.


Neil and his father spent a very pleasant morning with Alan talking about all things classic and reminiscing about the early days of the CRMC and how it all started .




Two new pictures created with record breaking in mind


Neil is pleased to add two new painting to his on line collection. The first is a painting of Alan Cathcart aboard a Brough Supperior in his 2013 record breaking run at Bonneville . While the second painting depicts Bruce Main-Smith bringing home the 24 hour record breaking velocette. Both orignals and prints are available for sale .



 Cals dad admires Neil`s Picture


At the recent Art in the Park event organised by the Leamington Studio Artists. Neil was approached by Derek Crutchlow the Father of the Moto GP star Cal Crutchlow.


Dek himself a motor cycle racer, had a long conversation with Neil about all things motorcycling and was suitably impressed with Neil`s painting of his son in action on a Tech 3 Yamaha




"Driven" Opens at Gallery 150 


Leamington Studio Artists are pleased to announce the opening of the driven exhibition at their Gallery 150 in Leamington Spa. the exhibition which runs for 3 weeks from the 15th of July features work by local artists with an automotive and motorsport theme.


The event is supporting the BENN charity and has a number of special events supporting it including an opportunity to have a go in an F1 simulator and a classic car display .


Neil will be exhibiting 3 pictures which illustrate motor cycle racing through the ages and prints will be availble for sale.











 New Picture for the Velocette Owners Club Rally

Neil has just completed a new picture featuring Stanley Woods aboard the "Roarer"  the prototype 500cc supercharged twin produced by the factory prior to World War II. Neil has produced the picture to compliment the other Velocette pictures he has in readiness for the Velocette owners club Rally in Burntwood, West Midlands.  Neil will be displaying pictures and prints, demonstrating oil painting, with his brother Richard, who will be offering for sale his scale models of British bike engines.

George Pleased with his picture


George Ridgeon Gloucester based Classic racing aficionado and Isle of man regular, recieved the original painting.This features George in action, exiting Governers Dip on the Isle of Man Mountain course, riding his 250cc Greeves Silverstone.


Neil presented the picture to George, a lifelong friend of the family, at the recent Vintage Motor Cycle practice day at Mallory Park.