Martin stops by for a chat at classic Cadwell

Posted on 8th May, 2015

I was overjoyed to meet Martin Matcalf for a second time at the recent classic motorcycle race meeting at Cadwell Park.


I first met Martin at the last Cadwell meeting I attended nearly 3 years ago. At that time I was working on a painting of Jarno Saarinen on his 250cc Yamaha twin. Martin stopped to talk and told me of his teenage hitch-hike to Scarborough to see the great man in action. It was great to catch up with Martin and be able to show him the finished picture.


Martin forwarded me a copy of the photo he took of me and the painting in its unfinished state, the completed work can be viewed on the prints page. It was great to talk to you again Martin thanks for taking the time to stop and talk.



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